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Nostalgic experience is a small company which was born of the passion for vintage Italian vehicles and the wish to offer a different concept of tourism.

Our aim is to allow you to discover authentic Tuscany whilst driving our charming vehicles, and give our customers the chance to really experience the enchanted atmosphere of magnificent Tuscan towns with their traditions and local flavours.  In order to make our offer more complete we have also created ‘Nostalgic Tours’ which are a real tourist guide able to provide you with information, funny anecdotes and curious facts about the places you decide to visit.

Our vehicles can be rented directly from our headquarters or from a place of your choosing, allowing you to fully customize your tour according to your requirements or interests. 

The only limit is your imagination!

Our vehicles

  Our vehicles

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Autobianchi Bianchina Transformable

The Bianchina Transformable was produced by Autobianchi for a limited period and was immediately considered a luxury economy car. Its pretty and

particular aesthetic  features  made this car a symbol of the Italian life style during  the legendary 1960s.  

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FIAT Cinquecento Transformable

The FIAT Cinquecento is the most iconic and famous Italian car, and its ongoing success  60 years after its debut does not show any sign of fading. It is the perfect symbol of the 'economic miracle', and it was this model which opened the way to the widespread use of automobiles in Italy.

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Piaggio Vespa 1951 (sidecar set up)

Designed in 1946, the Piaggio Vespa is still iconic. This vehicle represents the passage into the modern era of a country and is the epitome of the stylish Made in Italy. It also played an important role in the socio-economic transformation of post war Italy.

Place and itineraries 

The geographical map we will give you makes it possible to discover the most characteristic places we usually recommend. You can then choose the itinerary according to the places which appeal to you the most or see what is on offer in the area surrounding your accommodation or our headquarters.

The creation of the definitive itinerary can either be completely up to you or you can choose to rely on our experience. All you have to do is specify your preferences in the contact form that you can find on the page "contacts and bookings".

Nostalgic experience is always at your complete disposal! 

Nostalgic tour 

From today the choice of tours on offer from Nostalgic Experience has increased. 

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new service at your disposal which we have designed and developed in full nostalgic style the ‘Nostalgic Tours’.

It has been a long and difficult task but we think it was worth it!

We really wanted to offer you something unique and have spent the last two years discovering places worthy of being visited which are not on the usual tourist route, We chatted to the locals to discover curious anecdotes which we then studied, wrote down, and translated. We learnt how to use complicated software and recorded hours and hours of audio, and tried it all out endlessly on the road.

Finally, we managed!

In addition to the classical sat-nav option, the Nostalgic Tours will be  your tourist guide which will activate automatically and allow you to have lots of extra information about the places you see as you drive Pina or Milù.

All this is stress-free, we have thought of everything!

Place and itineraries (eng)
Nostalgic tour (eng)
Information and prices (eng)

Contacts and bookings

For any questions or request do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp or using the contact form.

We are open upon prior appointment only during weekends from mid April to mid October. If you wish to book a car, we recommend you contact us at least two days before the chosen rental date providing us with all the information requested.

Payment can be made via money transfer (please ensure the fee is paid before the hire date) or at the moment of delivery of the car either in cash or by Visa-Mastercard-Maestro. We also accept bitcoin payments (both on-chain and Lightning Network).

We would like to inform you that the contract is available in loco, and that the hire period can begin after the contract I has been read and accepted.

Please be aware that our vehicles are available for rental during weekend from mid April to mid October only.

Opening time: 9.30am / closing time: 8pm. The vehicles shall be returned by 7.30pm

Opening time: 9am / closing time: 8pm. The vehicles shall be returned by 7.30pm

Autotrasporto e pompaggio calcestruzzo di Coradeschi Thomas e C. SNC. - P.I. 01533940514 - Tegoleto, Via Aretina Sud 14/2 (Arezzo) 52041.  

mobile +39 3339996146  /  +39 329 3285678 (English speaker)

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Contact and bookings (eng)

Information and prices

Who is the service aimed at?
Our hire cars without driver satisfy a series of requirements: we offer services and fees suitable to all situations. Here are some examples of who our services are aimed at:

- those desiring a short tour of magnificent Tuscany for a simple lunch, aperitif or picnic.

- hotels, guest houses etc  wishing to increase the services on offer to the client. 

- those seeking an original  wedding, graduation, birthday or anniversary gift.

- wedding planners.

- travel agencies.

- photo shoots, cinema sets, advertising, shows, fairs, or theme parties: estimate available on request.

Are there any geographical limits in order to rent cars?
Yes, there are limits:

- Tours can be arranged in the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Chianti area.

- Geographic boundaries include the region of Toscana, Umbria e Lazio for wedding, shows, fairs, photo shoots and cinema sets.           

How can you hire our cars?

In order to hire our cars all you need is:

- Valid driving license. (EU or international)

- Valid ID. 

- Credit card.

- Accept all the conditions of the contract.

What is included in the price?
In addition to hiring the car without driver you will have:

- Road assistance for the whole duration of the hire.
- Fuel.

- Fire and theft insurance.
- Briefing.


Is it possible to use additional services?

Certainly! Our services are as follows:

- Limited responsibility for any damage caused to the car.

- Pick up and delivery of car at requested address.

- Audio guides "nostalgic tour".

What are the additional costs?

Sometimes additional cost may be incurried by:

- Exceeding Km limit of chosen fee.

- Exceeding the time limit  of chosen fee.

- Any fines incurred during hire period. 

- Additional driver

In order to avoid causing expensive and serious damages to our vehicles, when driving Pina, Milù and Vespa Teresa, it is absolutely necessary to take into account some technical expedients.

Therefore, before starting the rental, we will offer you a driving school lesson to allow you to get familiar with the chosen vehicle.

Please note that in case it would not be the possibility to undertake the driving school lesson or you would not be able to learn how to correctly drive our vehicles, it would not be possible to rent our vehicles. 

Prices do not include 22% VAT  

Please be aware that our vehicle are available for rental during weekend from  mid April at mid October only


*Delivery and pick up: for any journey less than 25 km a supplement of € 10 will be applied.

The time of delivery and pick up of the car must be agreed on before.

(Opening time: 9:30am / closing time: 8pm. The vehicles shall be returned by 7.30pm)

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